PETi-My Talking Animals

Make them speak realistically !
PETİ app enables you to make your cute pets say things you always want to say. Simple to make them become alive.


My Talking Pets & Baby Talker

Your Lovely Pet is talking. Babies now can talk and sing, not babble anymore

Aesop's Tales comes to real life.

Think dogs, cats, birds, fish, even goats and monkeys. You can make any picture of animals is talking or singing with PETi app.

Like a Movie Animator- Photo Talker and Pet Voicing

  • Select a photo from your library or take a picture right from the PETi
  • Mark the eyes, chin and mouth of the animal
  • Record your lovely cute animals, pets, baby or any other else  talking or singing with your voice.
  • Push the play button! Watch how it is.
  • Share your videos with your friends!
  • Free video effects!

You can make animation and voicing with any of pictures. 

Let’s make Mona Lisa speaking or singing,

Give Life to the snowman in your garden.

Make  The Statue of Liberty performing The Star-Spangled Banner with your sound.



Say your loved one would talk

PETi app, like a karaoke, say or sing. Your pet will says the same voice. Photo Voicing. Animal Talker. Apply inspiring filters to your recording.

PETi – My Talking Animals enables you to make your cute pets say things you always want to say. Simple to make them become alive.

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